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Chase & Status Go Back to the Jungle For Thier 1st Foundation Show

Chase & Status Go Back to the Jungle For Thier 1st Foundation Show

Chase & Status took to Facebook to stream their first Foundation Show live.

They are taking it back to the jungle with the concept for their latest show and for the first instalment they played for nearly 2 hours and for the majority of the show they were playing vinyl.

For most of the show they rolled out a variety of old skool jungle, from the classics to some of the more underground gems! They did mix the old up with the new a little bit, as they also played some tracks from their forthcoming album RTRN II JUNGLE.

The show was recorded at their studio, which has the look of a junglists bedroom from the 90’s, with loads of old skool flyers plastered all over the walls!

Check the video out below:


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