WLJ 2017 – Categories

WLJ 2017 – Categories

Here’s a look at all the categories for 2017 and a reminder of the winners and runners-up in 2016.

Recapping the voting process – the 1st Voting Round is a completely blank form so everyone is entirely free to vote for whoever they feel deserves their love and support, with the Top 10 in each category then being shortlisted into the 2nd and final round!

There’s still time to cast your vote for your favourite Junglists in the FIRST ROUND blank page nomination vote so show your support, make your voice count and celebrate all that is good in Jungle!



Best Jungle DJ of 2017

With a wealth of talent and artistry representing our scene today – Who gets your vote as the absolute best Jungle DJ of 2017? Who draws for the best selection, puts the work in, and has the skills to have the crowd bumping? We’re looking for artists who consistently smash out the high quality stand-out sets, that you love above all others & leaves you wanting more!

2016 Winner: Aries

2016 nominees: Brockie, Congo Natty, Hybrid, Kenny Ken, Marcus Visionary, Nicky Blackmarket, Randall, Remarc, Uncle Dugs


Best Breakthrough Jungle DJ of 2017

With so much emerging talent this year, the competition in 2017 will be hotly contested. ‘Breakthrough’ to us, means who has made the most stand-out progress this year! Jungle veterans who have made a return to the scene are absolutely due for consideration alongside the newcomers, it’s about showing respect and appreciation to those dedicated DJs who have taken 2017 by storm!

2016 Winner: Kelvin 373

2016 Nominees: Brian Brainstorm, Cautious, Equinox, FLeCK, Jamie G, Jungle Citizenz, Merrix, Rieo Sky, Stretch

Best Female Jungle DJ of 2017

In recent years more and more female DJs are breaking into the scene alongside established veterans such as last years winner, DJ Storm. This can only be a good thing as we get closer to gender equality in a traditionally male dominated scene. This is your chance to pay homage to the very best of our Jungle Queens!

2016 Winner: Storm

2016 Nominees: Bassline Beanie, Dazee, Djinn, Euphonique, Little Monster (Kaotik), Ms Magoo, DJ Rap, Sunday Lion


Best Jungle MC of 2017

Who has been your ultimate must-hear Jungle MC of 2017? Who has elevated a set beyond what you thought possible and taken you on that journey you still haven’t forgotten? We’re looking for the very best of the best Mic Controllers, your absolute favourite, that rightly deserves being crowned BEST JUNGLE MC of 2017!

2016 Winner : Tenor Fly

2016 Nominees : Cheshire Cat, Demolition Man, Det, Fearless, GQ, Moose, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Top Cat

Best Breakthrough Jungle MC of 2017

Like the Breakthrough DJ and Producer categories, we’re looking for who has made the biggest progress in 2017. Maybe they’ve landed bang on your radar seemingly from nowhere, taken leaps up the lyrical ladder, or maybe they’ve returned to the mic again after a break and are back banging it out as if they’ve never been away? As always it’s absolutely up to you!

2016 Winner: Gardna

2016 Nominees: Bellyman, Black Eye, Blacka, Cowboy Ranger, Deanie Rankin, Juggernaut, Multiplex, Toddlah, Virgo Don


Best female MC/Vocalist

Best female MC / Vocalist is your chance to show some recognition to the femme fatales of the jungle microphone. Who’s got the right sound, perfect vocal presence and range to make them truly outstanding? And who works all of these in with the ever-important ability to connect with a crowd. Whether it’s your favourite female host or your songstress of choice, make sure they’re heard.

2016 Winner: Jenna G

2016 Nominees: Deeizm, Enamie, Eva Lazarus, Iron Dread, Lady Chann, Lady EMZ, Lady MC, Miss Melody, Nãnci Correia.

Best Jungle Producer 2017

With Jungle’s constant evolution over the last 20+ years, Jungle really does mean something different to everyone. Whether your heart is with the classic Amen sounds, stripped back with a bucket load of snares or firmly gripped by the reggae infused flavours of the scene, it’s been the Producers, the actual beat-makers, that have been central to shaping the Jungle landscape we know and love today.

2016 Winner: Serum

2016 Nominees: Aries, Benny Page, Bladerunner, Congo Natty, Hybrid, Marcus Visionary, Potential Bad Boy, Ray Keith, Serial Killaz.

Best Breakthrough Producer

With a scene that’s constantly changing and evolving, it’s important to have an influx of new blood to keep things invigorated. Best Breakthrough Producer lets you recognise the up and comers who have left their mark on you. Whether they’re breaking new ground or paying homage to the foundation sounds, these guys are at the forefront of the future of jungle.

2016 Winner: Papa Gee

2016 Nominees:Brian Brainstorm,FLeCK, Jinx, Kid Lib, K-Jah, Rahmanee, Ricky Force, Stretch, Tim Reaper.


Best Jungle Label

The tracks you love all make their home somewhere. Jungle labels are the foundation of the scene, playing host to recognisable sounds and styles and providing a platform from which both established and new artists can reach out. Best Label honours these bastions of jungle excellence. So which imprint has had you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next release? Which jungle family resonates the closest with you?

2016 Winner: Philly Blunt

2016 Nominees: 36 Hertz Recordings, AKO Beats, Born on Road, Break Koast, Chopstick Dubplate, Deep in the Jungle, Liondub International, Ruffneck Ting, Totally Dubwise Recordings

Best Jungle Single

There’s always that one track. The one that makes all the hairs on the back of your neck start to tingle! The one that sends the whole dance into a frenzy. The one that gets that instant pull up, every time. Best Jungle Single is where we recognise the absolute anthems, the tunes like no other, the ones that leave a serious mark on you and the whole jungle landscape.

2016 Winner: Who Knows – Shy FX (Feat Chronixx)

2016 Nominees: Badboy Patrol – Chopstick Dubplate ft. Daddy Freddy, Duppied inna Dance – Epicentre, Heavy Like Tank – Soultrain & Phantom Warrior, Hitman – Marvellous Cain (T>l Remix), Quick Jungle – TC ft. MC Fats, Revolution – Potential Bad Boy ft. Demolition Man, Sexy Sally – Skitty, Shotdown – T>l & Upgrade, Sound The Alarm – Navigator (Serum Remix).


Best Jungle Radio/Internet Show of 2017

Jungle on the airwaves!! Radio shows have always been an essential component of the jungle scene, with so many artist cutting their teeth and maintaining their fanbase through the pirate stations of the early 90s. Nowadays, with online stations and DJs pumping regular jungle sessions, this will be a tough one. Everyone will have their favourites, so please tell us yours.

2016 Winner: Brockie & Det – Super Sunday (Kool FM)

2016 Nominees: 1 in the Jungle – Radio 1 Archives, 36 Hertz (Kool FM), Liondub (Kool FM), Marcus Visionary (Kool FM), Ray Keith – The Blueprint (Radar FM), Remarc – Monday Mayhem (Kool FM), Rupture Sessions (JungleTrain.net), UCOJ Show (Kool FM), Uncle Dugs #RCFF (Rinse FM)


Best Jungle Club Night 2017

This is another very highly competitive category. Many of the original jungle promoters from the early 90s are active again in 2017, rubbing shoulders with newer promotions who are equally dedicated to bringing the jungle sound to the masses. Which was your stand out Jungle Party Brand of 2017?

2016 Winner: Rumble in the Jungle

2016 Nominees: AWOL, Jungle Fever, Jungle Jam, Jungle Mania, Jungle Splash, Jungle Therapy, Rupture, United Colours of Jungle, Vibena Jungle


Inspirational Figure / Pioneer of Jungle Award

This is a very important category. It’s your chance to name the artist that you find totally inspirational and think should be immortalised as a pioneer of jungle. This is our testimonial to the heavyweights, our rock and roll hall of fame. Who will be inducted this year? That’s up to you.

2016 Winner: Dillinja

2016 Nominees: 4Hero, Brockie, Eastman, Kenny Ken, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Ray Keith, Remarc, Tenor Fly


The Tenor Fly Life-time achievement in Jungle Award

2016 Winners: Tenor Fly

2016 Nominees: Brockie, Congo Natty, Eastman, Goldie, Kenny Ken, Navigator, Ragga Twins, Randall, Remarc

Always save the best until last. After Tenor Fly won this award following his untimely passing in 2016, a collective decision was made to rename the award in his honour, with the blessing of his family. In this category we’re looking for recognition for the artist who has dedicated their life to the good of Jungle and achieved great things with their vision, passion and loyality. Please take some time to think about this one!


Words by Alex Deadman and Ant Christou

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