We Love Jungle – Crucial Tracks – Vol.1

We Love Jungle – Crucial Tracks – Vol.1
As a 24/7 junglist, Lavery has his ear on the pulse with new releases, sourced from deep in the jungle. He has kindly given us a run-down of a few tunes that have caught his ear recently, have a listen below.
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Artist: Rumbleton
Release: Stand Firm Hi-Fi Vol 3
Tracks: Kings Chamber / I Like You
Cat: SFHF003

Rumbleton, representing the Canadian junglists, comes in with two absolute stompers on his imprint ‘Stand Firm Hi Fi’ .
The third release on the label, following on from release by Equinox and MartianMan, comes from the label boss himself.A – Kings Chamber // A ruff ‘n tuff roller that takes you on an atmospheric ride through space and time is full of pads, and beautifully blended breaks.B – I Like You // It’s all about this side for me. Again starting off nice and spacey but dropping into an absolute breakbeat assault!! Perfect for a jungle soundclash.
Editors note, Though the vinyl of this release seems to have sold out, digital versions are available from the Stand Firm Hi-Fi bandcamp page


Artist: Dexta & Cryptix x Danny Scrilla
Release: Together
Tracks: Original Mix, Danny Scrilla Reslice, Danny Scrilla Reflop
Label: Different Music
Cat: DIFF035
I fuckin’ love this record! It’s a complete hybrid. 50% half steppy underground DnB, 50% ravey jungle. Add in the vocal sample from Blind Faith’s ‘Why Can’t We See’ and you’ve got yourself an anthem.The B-side has two remixes as well. But it’s all about B2. An almost ‘Special Request’ style 140/150 early hardcore sound. Perfect for a last tune of the night.Oh yeah, it’s a clear pink record too which is cool.
The vinyl and digital downloads are currently available on the Different Music bandcamp 


Artist: Gunmen

Tracks: The Sound / Messed Up
Label: Rasta Vibez

Cat: RASTA011V

‘Gunmen’ consists of Tony Anthem & PsychoFreud and represent the Norwegian junglists.

A nice clear 10″ press with two ragga jungle pieces.

A- The Sound // A heavy hitting track with a catchy bassline, rolling amens and off beat reggae chords with dub-reggae style breakdowns. This one don’t stay in the sleeve for long!

B- Messed Up Rasta Vibes // A more modern ragga jungle / ragga DnB track. I definitely prefer the A side.


Artists:  Tony Jungle, Simply Dread & Dub-Liner

Release: Jungle Cat 006
Tracks: Nah Legal, X Ammount, No Hats, No Trainers
Label: Jungle Cat 
Jungle Cat is a great label and definitely one of my favourites.This three track 12″ release is the 6th from them and it doesn’t dissappoint. All three are massive!
A1- Tony Jungle – Nah Legal // Amens, Thinks, 808’s, Warped basslines.. Everything you need to create the perfect jungle sound!
B1- Dub-Liner – X Amount // Love this!! A fast paced think break opens up on the intro taking you into a ‘wicked & bad’ soundclash sample that drops straight into 1995!
B2- Simply Dread – No Hats, No Trainers // This, for me, is the track of the EP. I Can’t stop playing it! I wish I had made this tune. A clever ‘UK Garage’ style piss take vocal drops into the best break edits I’ve heard in a long time. It’s as though he’s thrown every chopped up amen into the Akai, set it on fire and thrown it down the stairs, then punched his nan in the face! And I don’t thinks that even sums up how big it actually is!

Words: Lavery, Editor: Deadman

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