Top Tracks for 2016

Top Tracks for 2016

2016 is drawing to a close and while there’s been a lot of crappy stuff happening (Trump, Brexit, Harambe RIP), we’ve been blessed with an absolute tonne of fantastic music. There’s too much for us to pick through alone so we turned to some of our favourite artists to get their expert opinions on what stands out.

SERUM (Philly Blunt, V Recordings, Dread, Playaz, Critical…)

“For me it’s got to be ‘Benny L – Backlash’, I’m not sure when it’s out but I’ve chosen it because I’ve been playing it pretty much all year and it’s from an artist I’d not discovered until recently. I’m pretty sure he’s going to blow up given the quality of what he’s making. It’s one of those rollers that can fit into all kinds of sets and the production is spot on. Randall’s been playing it a lot and that’s how I picked up on it.”


HEIST (Metalheadz, Co Lab, Low Down Deep, Calypso…)

“For me, it’s ‘The Fugees – Ready or Not (Logan D & Dominator Remix)’ I’ve chosen this track because I wholeheartedly feel it has been the biggest track this year. I’ve seen countless videos of crowds singing back the lyrics to whatever DJ is playing it and the drop is just dance floor destruction guaranteed!”

GOLD DUBS (Born on Road, Serial Killaz, Run Tingz, Sub Woofah…)

(Gold originally gave us 5 tracks he couldn’t pick between so we picked the one had the most to say about! Honourable mentions to Chimpo – Backslang, Hybrid – Bad Boy VIP, Lost City – Ting a Ling and Serum & Inja – Red Eyes)

Think Tonk ‘Bury Dem’, Manchester on point once again, not sure what’s in the water up North but Think Tonk have clearly had a lot of it and are absolutely smashing it with their sound! From the 1st time I heard Bryan G drop this on his show I knew it was an absolute banger and needed to get it in the bag! Such a great marriage of hard drums, sick baselines and a vocal set to do some serious damage!


DAVID BOOMAH (V Recordings, RAM, Philly Blunt, Spearhead…)

“I think I would go with ‘Revolution’ by Potential Badboy featuring Ras Demo and Show Stephens simply because it encapsulates three genres of music on one track: Jungle, Dancehall and R&B are all interwoven on this timeless track and it has a positive message for everyone who faces day to day struggles. On top of that it has two of my favourite music colleagues on the track and these guys always bring the fire whether together or apart!”

CABIN FEVER (Natty Dub Recordings, Radius Recordings, Grid, Smokin Riddims…)

“I’ve got to go with ‘Shot Down – T>I and Upgrade’ (Forthcoming on Serial Killaz). This track encapsulates absolutely everything I love about drum and bass; the sampling, drums, bass, vibes, what more could you want in a track?!”

DJ DAZEE (Ruffneck Ting, Breakbeat Culture, Hocus Pocus…)

“Ooh I’ve got too many favourites! This is hard! I’ll be cheeky and say my favourite track of the year is mine and Jinx’s ‘A Owl’ just because of the laughs we had with the title and while making it!”

ARIES (Chopstick Dubplate, Born on Road)

“I’m going to go with ‘T > I & Upgrade – Shot Down’. I love this tune it’s been in my bag since i was lucky enough to have been sent it! T>i from Norfolk and Upgrade who lives local to him, have made this classic Bob Marley track in to a super slick minimal roller – with such deep bass the crowd always gives a roar when it drops – hopefully one day it will see a full release.”

JINX (Ruffneck Ting, Dread, Co Lab, Asbo, Hocus Pocus…)

“I’d say ‘Dawn Raid – The Bartender’ is my favourite track of the year. For me what really does it, is its wicked flow, awesome musicality, deep vibe and classic jungle sound!”

T>I (Innerground, Hangar, Playaz, Natty Dub…)

“My favourite track at the moment is ‘Break – Who Got Da Funk’. The drums and bassline are seriously on point with the track and then you’ve got the end of bar bongo pattern! Absolutely love it!”

FLECK (Serial Killaz, Boom Sound, Kings Hi Fi, Born on Road…)

“It’s a tough one! But a tune I always had in my sets this year was ‘Numa Crew – Impossible’, I love this one, it has amazing vocals combined with a tight junglist vibe, a recipe that just has it all.”

CHRIS ROCKS – JUNGLE CITIZENS (Riq Yardrock, Manic Beats, Extended Beats…)

“I’m going with ‘Jinx in Dub – You Got the Dub (Bladerunner Remix)’. This tune is the one that tends to get the dance floor rocking for me. Everything this man touches is just gold, it works for the older crowd because they recognise the lyrics and the original, the younger crowd like it because it’s a bassy in ya face kind of track you can’t help but move to, this is just proof of why he’s the best remixer around.

K-JAH (Ruffneck Ting, Natty Dub, Hocus Pocus…)

“I’m going for ‘The Bartender – Dawn Raid’. Firstly because the production is excellent and secondly because it’s chock full of soul and vibes, I’ve been rinsing it all year!”


VYTOL (Ruffneck Ting, Sub Woofah…)

“The best track of this year, for me is ‘Aura – Bigga Star & Spreda’. Purely because it rolls out like a proper old Full Cycle tune would, but with a wicked new school edge. I love the work that’s gone into every part of the production, on point, fully. One tune that I never get bored of hearing in the mix and one that’s gonna get smashed in years to come, trust!”

SAMURAI BREAKS (Tsunami Bass Weight, Halogen Music, Audio Addict…)

I’m going with ‘At the Controls – Mikal & Xtrah’. The whole LP is absolutely unreal but this tune is my personal favourite. The aggressive footwork style grooves, precise snappy drums and frantic but melodic percussion really get the dance floor going, while the intense atmospherics and vocal cuts help give it a dubby haunting feel. Club wrecker!

Words by Ant Skant Christou







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