Crucial Tracks – Vol 2

Crucial Tracks – Vol 2

Jungle enthusiast, Lavery, has taken a break from a his frenetic dubplate cutting, DJing, label management and vinyl distribution to give us a second instalment of Crucial Tracks from the last fortnight.

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Artists: Digital, Flava, Horrific James
Release: Trident Code EP Vol 1
Tracks: Too Much, Friday, Lava, Voice of the Jungle
Cat: FUNC038


I only picked this up on a repress this Friday (8/12) and I don’t know how I missed it. A really nice 4 track EP on Function with tracks from Digital, Flava and Horrific James.

‘Too Much’ kicks off the EP with some proper lo-fi, chopped up breaks & hard hitting 808’s rolling over some eerie, haunting pads. Atmospheric jungle is still a beautiful thing.

‘Friday 13th’ really stood out for me. This was the reason I bought the EP. Opening with some beautiful pads, more lo-fi breaks and dropping straight into this dark, gritty (I don’t even know what the fuck it is) bassline. Screw face business on this one guartanteed. I really can’t wait to play this out!

‘Lava’ is a nice dark, rolling track but with a liquid vibe. Smooth bassline’s, clean drums and a familiar vocal harmony.

‘Voice of The Jungle’ – I really like this track. Wicked amazon sound effects over some proper industrial, hard hitting jungle music. Really fuckin’ nice!!


Artists: FeyDer, DJ Clear
Release: Sweet Sensi Records 003 (Red Vinyl)
Tracks: That’s My Number, Badboy, Smokin Sensi
Cat: SENSI003


Another repress. I missed out on this one the first time round and I’m really happy this one’s come about again. Proper soundclash vibes!

FeyDer – ‘That’s My Number’ goes straight in with the pitched amens and apache’s and samples the classic reggae / ska track by Toot’s & The Maytals ’54-46 Was My Number’ (one of my all time favourites). Lovely use of the Akai time stretch too.

DJ Clear – ‘Badboy / Smokin Sensi’ is a pure war tune! Everything a jungle tune needs from sirens to oldskool reggae clash vocals. Every time you think it’s dropped you’re hit with another break, horn, vocal or blip. Quality track.

Artists: Krave
Release: Free E.P.
Tracks: Boomuzik (Jazz Lick), Free, Feels So Good, Equality
Label: Supercharger Records
Cat: SCEP002

I was going to write a big intro about Krave, but all I need to say is he’s 17 years old. He’s got more jungle in him than most people I know and he’s going to be fuckin’ huge!!! You NEED this record!

I haven’t stopped playing these four tracks since I bought the EP. It’s one of the best records I own and I’ve been buying records for a very long time.

Just go and get it.


Artists: Dramatic
Release: Second Coming EP
Tracks: The Fire PT2, Keep on Believing

I played this last weekend at a proper sweaty, intimate party in Northallerton and it fit the venue perfectly.’Fire Pt 2′ samples both Fleetwod Mac ‘ Sara’ and Loleatta Holloway ‘Love Sensation’ and is remixed by Dramatic who brings it right up to date. Hard hitting drums and bass showing why Kemet is, and always will be my number one go-to label!

‘Keep on Believing’ is a classic style ‘Original School’ jungle tune perfect for any moment in a rave. The classic Sesame Street breaks over the G-Funk high notes give this a nice 94 sound that we all love.


Artist: Lavery
Release: Lose Control EP
Label: Sub Code Records
Cat: SCR002
BUY NOWI’m not going to say much this, it’s just a shameless plug. All I will say is it’s a limited press (300 copies) and there’s less than 80 left so be quick.
Editors note – This is absolutely banging from Lavery, you need it in your collection!

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