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2017 – Best Jungle Track – The Shortlist

2017 – Best Jungle Track – The Shortlist

Please take your time to have a listen to all the tracks that have been nominated for best jungle single of 2017. Once you have made your decision, place your vote here.

Bladerunner – Jungle Jungle – Get Hype Records

Chimpo – 1996 – Box N Lock

Chopstick Dubplate ft. Mad Cobra – Gundolero – Chopstick Dubplate

Djinn – Dark Reference – Foundation X

Double O – Down to the Foundation – Rupture London

Hybrid – Underground Style (Lavery’s Back to 94 mix) – Deep in the Jungle

Lavery – Badman Nah Test – Back to the Jungle

martianMan – We Are Here (aka The Forces) – martianMan Recordings

Ricky Force – Severed – AKO Beatz

RMS – Back to Reality – Audio Addict Records

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Kotu bootleg) 

Tim Reaper – Give Me More – Amenology

Tribe of Issacher – Junglist (S.P.Y. bootleg)

Undercover Agent – Babylon (DJ Future Remix) – Juice Records



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