We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Serum

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Serum

What does Jungle mean to you?

To me Jungle is a framework that allows you to pull in sounds from absolutely anywhere. The sheer number of different influences you can bring into a jungle track is what keeps me hooked on it. I remember when I first heard Jungle, it had so many sounds going on that I’d never heard before. I can say with confidence that it’s the most versatile style out there.

Has your approach to producing changed since you first started out?

I’ve got more technically skilled and better musically but I’m still working towards the same goal as when I began. I never forget where I’ve come from. When I want inspiration I can always find it by flicking through my vinyl collection.

Who are your influences, past and present?

There are too many to list and the list changes all the time. People like Roni Size, Ray Keith, DJ Die, Dillinja, Sappo, Hype and Zinc were the people I followed most in the early days. As I’ve got older my taste has broadened and I’ve also had to look further afield for influences. I listen to quite a lot of psychedelic music and krautrock and things like that right now so I can get the most obscure sounds for my music.

What up-and-coming DJs and Producers are impressing you?

Voltage is someone who has very quickly risen through the ranks and made a lot of tunes that I’m into. We’ve been in the studio recently and the first batch of collaborations should be out soon.

Describe your creative process in the studio?

It really starts before the studio. The first thing I always do is to listen to a huge variety of different music and build up ideas so I have something to act on as soon as I get in front of the computer. After that I just trust my instincts and I usually find that the track comes together if my idea’s strong enough. People who work with me are often surprised how little I use the keyboard. Instead of playing around with the notes I kinda just go straight from my head into the sequencer. I use a combination of hardware and software but my approach comes from a long history of production so I use a lot of techniques that newer artists might not be familiar with.

How would you describe your sound at the moment?

I’ve always tried to make something that has the groove and vibe of the past but the sonic power of modern drum & bass. One thing I never want to lose is the interesting texture and quality that jungle had. A lot of people now make very hard hitting but sterile sounding music and I find that really boring.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I’d like to say a Lion or something very junglistic but if you asked my girlfriend she’d probably describe me as a Labrador based on my eating habits.

Any new projects coming up?

I just released an EP with Low Down Deep and a remix of Uncle 22 – Choose One on the Mac 2 LP. Both have had a great reaction all across the board which I’m really happy with. The big draw for the jungle fans will be the Philly Blunt album that’s dropping this year. I’ve mixed and compiled it and it has lots of my favourite producers on there. It’s been years in the making but it will be well worth the wait!

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