We Love Jungle presents: An interview with MC Co-Gee

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with MC Co-Gee

What does Jungle mean to you?

Jungle to me means the unification of races raving under one roof, one blood, one love.

Where were you in the ‘golden’ age of Jungle?

The same place I am now, creating, helping, producing, supporting and living Jungle.

Who are your influences, past and present?

My influences as an MC/Artist from the past came from my brother who was an MC before me, but you know how it goes…sibling rivalry kicked in ha and MC Co-Gee was born. As for presently, the answer is no-one as the rebel in me won’t allow it.

Has your approach to MCing changed since you first started out?

No, I remain the same as I started out i.e telling it how it is. 99% of the time in lyrical form with the 1% reserved for when my brain decides it needs a break from the reality of life.

What’s your top Jungle tune at the moment?

Top tune for me? Hmm hard question as there are so many tunes I like as an MC to rave to and vocalise but if I had to draw out one that connects to my mainframe then it would be Sigma & Doctor – Rudeboy.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you did at a gig?

Glastonbury, when Ragga twins introduced me on stage, bloody place was muddy and I had Dunlop wellies on. As I proceeded to enter the stage slightly bruking out I ended up slipping (no I didn’t hit the deck lol) but let’s just say those weren’t the dance moves that I was looking for.

If MCing wasn’t your job, what would it be?

Helping children and the elderly is something that has actually been and still is a major part of my life.

Any new projects coming up?

Oh yes! I have recorded numerous tracks for certain producers so keep your eyes and ears open as and when they are released. Also, an album is in the making with my family crew RTC amongst numerous live stage performances worldwide. It’s a very exciting time for me and the fire within still burns like an inferno for the music, for the raves, for the mic and for the people…1-love.

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