We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Martha Cecilia (Marf).

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Martha Cecilia (Marf).

What does Jungle mean to you?

Home. Doesn’t matter where I am, if I’m dancing to jungle, I may as well be in my dressing gown and slippers. No one’s watching – this is our house. Get comfy.

Do you think there are difficulties in being a female artist in a male dominated music industry?

Umm… Shall I let you know when the dissertation’s finished? If we’re talking about the music industry in general, I can only really comment on what it’s like for a vocalist and there are plenty of opportunities for us. Why the voice is such a common medium for females and there seems to be comparatively far fewer women choosing to learn an instrument and even fewer producing, is an interesting one – and not a simple situation. Is it in our physical make-up? Or is there something engrained in society that discourages females from the more technical pursuits of music? Probably a bit of both. I should mention sexy ladies here. (Yawn.) Be sexy! Feel yourself up and make a face like you’re just about to cum in all your press shots to sell your music! Tits! Bums! Etc. Bollocks to all that. I don’t really see that pressure as a toaster on the Jungle scene though, personally. If anything, as a lass on the mic, I reckon you’re more likely to feel pressure to take on a few male traits. I guess it can be intimidating (or just reeeeally boring) for anyone (male or female) to jostle with the egomaniacal loiterers around the DJ booth. It’s probably fair to say that a ‘cock-sure’ attitude wins in those situations. But then I don’t even come across that much these days.

What’s your top Jungle tune at the moment?

Anything Chopstick Dubplate are putting out right now does it for me. ‘Worldwide Traveller’ will be getting my vote as the best track from the shortlist for these awards. I do like it when Jungle doesn’t take itself too seriously. That track was an instant classic. They don’t happen very often.

Which up-and-coming artists are impressing you?

There was a gal on the mic singing with Escape Roots System at the Wee Dub Festival. Amazing voice, natural flow. Apparently she’d “only been doing Jungle for two months”. Her name is Anya and she makes me sick.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Charity shop vinyl. I used to pick up records to play for the free-party 9am slot, usually most appreciated straight after the gabba. All the twisted characters would crawl out of their k-holes or D&Ms for a boogie in the sunshine. Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ was always a winner. That sorta thing’s pretty standard procedure nowadays. I actually do a monthly radio show called ‘Desert Island Thrifts’. Guilty as charged.

Do you think it’s necessary to have a separate category for female artists or should it be mixed gender?

Did anybody think about a separate category for the male artists? Throw the boys a bone! There is no ‘Best Male Jungle MC’ category for these awards. The categories are ‘Best Jungle MC’ and ‘Best Female Jungle MC/Vocalist’. It’s basically the same for the DJ categories. That says it all really. Some dubious assumptions going on there. Do you reckon they’d get away with that at the Brits or Grammys? Would they fuck. Excellent material for the dissertation though. (See question 2.)

If being an MC wasn’t your job, what would it be?

Guinness Quality Controller. Truth told, I’m not really an MC. (It’s all an elaborate lie!) I occasionally get asked to do a bit of toasting ’cause some of the songs me and my brother make are Jungley. I’m actually a bit embarrassed to see my name in the nominations when there are others more deserving of the title who didn’t even make the list. Don’t mean to sound ungrateful or owt – just, credit where credit’s due, init!

Any new projects coming up?

Yep. On a classic folk meets jungle tip. La La & the Boo Ya’s ‘Junglist Soldiers’ is finally getting it’s official release on Congo Natty Bass. Been a long time coming. The lyric and melody of this track come from an old German protest song, ‘Die Moorsoldaten’. And I’ve done a re-work of Ewan MacColl’s traveller lament ‘Moving On Song’ with fellow northern bass-head, Jinx In Dub – plus another track featuring Gardna where I sing a bastardised chorus of The Waterson’s ‘The Pretty Drummer Boy’. They’ll be coming out later this year, available via Jinx In Dub. You could be witnessing the birth of a new sub-genre right here. Folk Jungle? Jungle Folk? Fungle? Hahaha. Errrrr. Maybe not.

Check out more from Marf and La La & the Boo Ya by checking out their Soundcloud or Facebook.

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