We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Marcus Visionary

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Marcus Visionary

What does Jungle mean to you?

Musically, Jungle is that perfect mix of genres that I grew up listening to. I don’t restrict myself to any one type of sound as I love the entire genre. I love the fact that it can incorporate so many different influences while pushing technology further. It can be listening music or it can tear out a dance floor. It unites people all over the world regardless of race or religion. Jungle has been my life since I heard the very first blue print tracks in the early 90’s. Jungle forever!

Has your approach to producing changed since you first started out?

My production has changed tremendously since I started producing. To be honest when I started making tracks I was in a hurry. I was a DJ for almost 15 years before I started in production. Today I take my time and focus on learning ways to improve my sound quality and overall production. You can never stop learning when it comes to production.

Who are your influences, past and present?

So many influences in and outside of Jungle. Jungle-wise in the early days I was heavily influenced by: Reinforced, Metalheadz, Ibiza, Moving Shadow, Renk, V Records, Playaz, Dillinja, Congo Natty, Shy FX, Potential Badboy, Benny Page, Roni Size, Die, Krust, Suv,(Full Cycle) Digital, Serial Killaz and Remarc to name just a few.

What up-and-coming DJs and Producers are impressing you?

At the moment it would have to be Hybrid, Brian Brainstorm, Voltage, Critycal Dub (Brazil) and True Spirit.

Describe your creative process in the studio?

My studio process varies depending on the project, i.e remix or original material. I’m constantly looking for samples so I may have days where I’m just digging or checking out Youtube. Once I have the samples, melody or vocals I want to use I’ll start building my breaks. Then it’s all a matter of vibing out with the various elements. With vocal tracks I’ll lay out the vocal and the melody for the full length of the track. Then I’ll start cutting chopping, and dubbing things out until I feel I can’t add anything else. I usually leave detailing and adding fx as the last part of the process. I mix down as I make the track but once the full track is complete I usually do the final mix down the next day with fresh ears.

How would you describe your sound at the moment?

My sound at the moment has been updating the original Jungle sound but with my own take on it. I’ve been using alot of the classic breaks again. My studio computer just passed away so I was forced to buy an entirely new setup. I’m excited to get back in the lab soon enough. Loads of releases forthcoming via Liondub International, Inner City Dance, Irish Moss, Chopstick, Totally Dubwise. A good variety of vibes everything from Lovers, Dancehall, Roots and even some darkness. I love party vibes so I try to keep things fun and dance floor friendly.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A Lion of course! 😉

Any new projects coming up?

Myself & Liondub have a 10 track LP entitled ‘Jungle to the World’ forthcoming on Liondub International. It features 5 of our top sellers that buyers may have missed paired with 5 of my latest unreleased remixes and new tracks. We’re extremely excited about this one! I have Cutty Ranks remixes forthcoming on Inner City Dance, David Boomah, and Yush project forthcoming on Inner City Dance, A Screechy Dan & Chip Fu remix for Dirty Dubsters on Irish Moss, A Mr. Williamz remix on Chopstick, Another Mr. Williamz & Demolition Man on Totally Dubwise, A Demolition Man & Echo Minott remix on 3rd Eye.There are probably a few I’m missing… We’re ready for summer! Jungle to the world!

Check out Marcus Visionary’s Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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