We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Kenny Ken

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Kenny Ken

How did it all begin?

I started DJing in 1989, that’s when it all began.

What does Jungle mean to you?

Jungle means a lot to me because I’ve been there from day 1, it’s a big part of my life and has taken me to places I never ever thought I’d see.

Has your approach to DJing changed since you first started out?

My approach to DJing hasn’t changed much since I first started, instead of visiting all the good record shops to get the latest tunes it’s all done online now. I do miss meeting my fellow DJs at places like Music House, Heathmans and Metropolis where we used to go to cut our dubs and have some wicked banter!

Do you miss vinyl and what do you think about the much documented ‘vinyl resurgence’?

I do miss vinyl but you have to change with the times, I ain’t gone as far as working with memory sticks, I play CDs nowadays. I still use vinyl with some old skool sets. I still mix the same way no matter what format I’m using. Some people say you ain’t DJing properly if you ain’t using vinyl and I say that’s a load of BS.

Were your parents an influence on you musically?

My parents did influence me a bit but it was my younger brother who was such a wicked dancer that started me going to my local reggae shop to buy the latest beats along with disco and soul music, that’s what I was brought up on.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

My musical pleasure is Reggae. I’m not really clued up on it, like say, David Rodiigan but I love my reggae. When I’m driving to work or chilling at home, that’s what I listen to.

What’s your top Jungle tune to play out at the moment?

I haven’t got a top Jungle tune right now as there’s so much to choose from. There’s a lot of artists making some banging beats right now. Bladerunner, Potential Bad Boy, Marcus Visionary, Saxxon, Cool Hand Flex, Serum, Diamond Geezer, the list goes on!

Where in the world do you think the best Jungle crowd is?

The best Jungle crowd in the world is the UK Junglists, but trust me, the Canadian and German Junglists are up there too. Jungle is a worldwide thing now and every country I’ve played in has always been good.

What up-and-coming DJs and Producers are impressing you?

There’s a lot of up and coming producers and DJs doing their thing. The first producer that comes to mind is Upgrade. As for DJs I haven’t heard a lot of up and coming DJs to comment.

Why do you think Jungle is still going strong and arguably making a comeback?

Jungle music has never gone away, it’s always been here from the day it started. There seems to be a lot of interest in it over the last few years so some peeps would say it’s making a comeback and I think it’s cos people want more choice and Jungle has a lot of soul along with banging basslines and its easier to listen to than some other forms of D&B.

Jungle was a musical answer to the social and political situation in 1991, do you think Jungle still represents our current state of affairs?

I don’t think Jungle has anything to do with our current state of affairs apart from the fact that it brings a lot of different people from all walks of life together.

If DJing wasn’t your job, what would it be?

If I wasn’t DJing I’d be a train driver or way worse, who knows!

Any new projects coming up?

I’ve been in the studio a lot lately trying to find my sound and its going well. I’ve also been working with my good friend Saxxon and started a project with Bladerunner which I can’t wait to finish. I’ve done a remix of Top Cat and Mr Williamz ‘World wide Traveller’ which is really going down well. Few things on the go right now..

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