We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Gold Dubs

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Gold Dubs

What does Jungle mean to you?

Well I’d say music was my life and Jungle music plays a massive part in that. The thing I love about Jungle though is the people. Everywhere I play I see old faces and new faces, but always happy faces. I think we have a real sense of community. I love it!

Where were you in the ‘golden’ age of Jungle?

Sat at home following from the sides! I was too young when it first came around but I will never forget asking my mom (she was a DJ too) to buy me my first Jungle LP ‘Jungle Mania 94′. I was mesmerised by the cover and I think because she collected vinyl I wanted to too. I was 9 at the time.

Who are your influences, past and present?

How long have you got? When I was first getting into DJing I used to play a lot of old skool Hip Hop, Breaks & Garage. I used to love the stuff some of the DMC champs did back then and on vinyl too! Don’t get me wrong I love the new technology and its advantages but the way they had to run it back then was a real art form! Jazzy Jeff was a personal fave but people like Q Bert, Noize & Cash Money really influenced me as well as people like Grandmaster Flash & Run DMC. From a Jungle perspective I guess the Bristol sound (Die, Roni Size, Clipz, Krust etc) massively influenced my sound when I started producing but I’m really feeling the stuff Dub Physix, Chimpo, Fracture, MachineDrum & Chopstick Dubplate, to name a few, are doing at the moment. I’ve always really enjoyed watching Marky play live. Such great showmanship and I think he puts on a real show. Saying that though most of my musical influence comes from outside the Jungle scene. I’m heavily influenced by Reggae, Soul, Rare Groove, old skool Hip Hop and Garage. I think more recently that is becoming more reverent in my productions & even my sets.

Has your approach to DJing changed since you first started out?

Yeah, quite a lot. I’ve played with various styles, both DJing and producing and so I guess I’ve picked up different techniques and skills. I generally like to play a mash up of sounds and love mixing tunes together to create brand new vibes or versions. When I brought my turntables when I was 14 I decided I wanted to go for the Vestax rather than Techniques. I had had a play with them and liked how solid they were but also loved the fact there was an ultra pitch feature which allowed me to literally mix anything with anything. I used to dig through my Dads vinyl collection and mash tunes together, a favourite I remember was dropping some Sam Cooke with some Azido Da Bass. I guess that led me onto production, but I think my main passion was always the DJing. Whether it is in the bedroom or playing to audiences of thousands of people, such a buzz!

What’s your top Jungle tune to play out at the moment?

The one with the breakbeat and the amen.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you did at a gig?

I think the industry standard would have to be taking the needle off the wrong track!

If DJing wasn’t your job, what would it be?

I used to manage a record/head shop which I really enjoyed. If not that then I’d do artist management or something else within the industry, failing that, a cocktail waiter.

Any new projects coming up?

Yes! Loads in the pipelines, I’m working on some new projects in the studio with a very distinctive fresh sound for me, have just had some bits signed to Tru Thoughts and am very excited to see what will come from it. Some really experimental tracks on the go and I’m interested to see what people will think of them. As well as that I’ve got a few projects on the go with the Run Tingz crew from Bristol, as well as my follow up single for Hazardous Musik which features a wicked remix from new-comer DJ Hybrid who has been tearing up the scene recently. Have just finished a remix for Ruffneck Ting of one of their old tracks ’Think’. And am currently working on another remix for Ghost Writerz. As well as that Aries & I have just heard our remix for Johnny Clarke (Young Rebel) will be out on vinyl later this year on Nice up! as well as our remix for Tenor Fly (Born Again) featuring Nanci & Phoebe which is dropping on the legendary Congo Natty’s imprint. I’ve also got some collaborations on the go with Jungle Drummer, Gigante, King Yoof, Cheshire Cat, Lion Art, Hybrid & another track I’m working with Ghost Writerz. We also have loads on the go at Born On Road HQ (a label I’m involved with) as well as touring regularly both with the label and on my own, so all very busy at the moment! Exciting times!

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