We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Gardna

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with Gardna

What does Jungle mean to you?

Jungle is the soundtrack to most of my weekends. I associate it with the good times.

Where were you in the ‘golden’ age of Jungle?

I wish I was there, I was in nappies. I’m still pretty young – I agree old is gold, right? I recently got given 53GB of rave tapes which I’m super excited to make my way through – all the classics sets, you name it. Have to big up ASBO on that one.

Who are your influences, past and present?

My main influence is Sound System Culture. As an MC, I am lucky to represent across the spectrum of bass music with my sound, be that reggae, dub, jungle or drum and bass. I gain my inspiration by going out, having fun and not thinking too much about everything. My lyrics are about the good times, you know?

Has your approach to MCing changed since you first started out?

Certainly. Although my love for music has never been too heavily pinpointed on one specific genre I was making a lot of Hip hop when I was first experimenting with music. I definitely found my feet when I infused the Hip hop thing with Sound System music. It’s more true to me, I’m talking about what I love and what I know.

What’s your top Jungle tune at the moment?

That’s such a hard question… I’ve just about narrowed it to 5! Adam F – Circles (all-time favourite) K-Jah – Clap For That Ray Keith – The Terrorist (Aries Dub) Ghost Writerz – Back It Up (Aries & Gold Dubs Remix) Potential Badboy ft Junior Dangerous – Sound A Sound (VIP Mix)

What’s the most embarrassing thing you did at a gig?

Last year at Boomtown I got caught slipping and I was the victim of a Sharpie pen attack a few hours before a big show. My face was covered in various colours of ink during a huge Born on Road showcase featuring Aries b2b Kelvin 373 b2b Marcus Visionary b2b Benny Page b2b Stivs b2b Tuffist and a whole bunch of other vocalist. All the boys. There’s a few entertaining photos somewhere.

If MCing wasn’t your job, what would it be?

That’s a sobering question! I’m studying Music Management at University, that’s the back-up plan, haha.

Any new projects coming up?

So much! I’ve got a load of projects finished and ready to roll for the summer. I’m particularly excited about new material in the works with Ed West, Benny Page, Jinx in Dub, Leo Samson and Fat Lion HiFi.

Check out Gardna’s Facebook and Soundcloud for more information.

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