We Love Jungle presents: An interview with FLeCK

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with FLeCK

What does Jungle mean to you?

Jungle for me is a way of thinking and a way of dealing with life. It has its roots in dub and hip hop music so it carries an important cultural baggage that transmits values like humbleness, consciousness and respect for the others. It’s more than just a music genre. That’s why it survived throughout all these years in my opinion.

Where were you in the ‘golden’ age of Jungle?

I was a teenager in Athens who used to spend all his money on vinyl records and all his time listening to them. I remember that record shop downtown, it was owned by an old lady that had no idea what this music was about. She was just selling records. Every month, when the new deliveries were arriving from the UK, she used to call us at home and tell us to run to her shop in order to be the first to open the boxes so we didn’t miss any good tunes! It was my big passion, Jungle music is what gave sense to my life back then. I used to listen a lot to pirate radio shows, go to Reggae and Jungle parties and of course try to make my own music!

Who are your influences, past and present?

It all started with a hardcore breakbeat tune that I listened to by accident in a mixtape that a friend at school gave me, just before the Jungle explosion, it was DNA’s “La Serenissima”, the Isotonic remix. That sound enchanted me. It definitely had a huge influence on me! Back then I used to love what Ray Keith was doing, Bizzy B, Skanna, Congo Natty, Dj Hype, all the Suburban Base and Moving Shadow stuff, Formation Records, Dextrous, Remarc, Ascend to mention just a few! Of course reggae dub music was always there as well! From the present scene I love what Chopstick Dubplate do, Serial Killaz, Liondub, Krak in Dub, Ghost Writerz, Jinx in Dub, J-man, Dialect & Kosine. I am certainly influenced by these producers as they are pushing jungle into new paths and styles. I also like Jungle brought down to 140 BPM or even slower. I find it really flavoured!

Has your approach to producing changed since you first started out?

Definitely! Back in the days I used to make music with a sampler and a tracker software run on MS-DOS environment. It was hard and it took so long to build a tune. Production for me back then was all about amen chopping and drum programming. Quite strict. After all these years, everything became easier due to technology evolution and my approach to music production is much more versatile. I love experimenting with different styles from reggae dubstep to steppers and from 140 jungle to drum ’n ’bass. What hasn’t changed since I first started out is that orgasmic feeling I have every time I finish a tune!

Describe your creative process in the studio?

It’s late at night, everybody is sleeping, I open a beer and I put on my headphones. Inspiration is coming slowly. I set the tempo and I start sampling stuff that I like or I start playing some melodies on the keyboards using some midi instruments. When something nice comes up I start recording and building it up. Suddenly, I look out of the window it’s morning and I have to go to work. That tune will remain unfinished till the end of time unless I listen to it the next day and I decide that it is worth finishing it.

How would you describe your sound at the moment?

It’s a sound that never disappoints on the dancefloor!

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I suppose I would be a sloth with Alzheimer’s disease.

Any new projects coming up?

Some exciting stuff is coming, there’s a nice project we started with Mistafire MC and Ngaio from Bristol, under the name “The Osmatikz”. We’re preparing some fresh stuff in a 140 jungle style and we have just finished shooting our first clip that will be out soon. I’m also working at the moment on my new EP that will come out on Serial Killaz Recordings featuring Jago from Onlyjoe and Kali Green. Many other things are also coming out soon, an EP for Soom T I’m working on with Blue Hill, a single for Bracket records with Clinton Sly, an EP on Totally Dubwise with Dark Angel, another one on Svaha Sound and various collaborations and remixes for artists like Zion Train, Ancient Astronauts, Ed West, Dialect&Kosine, Dub all Sense, Onlyjoe, Escape Roots, Roommate, Vinyl Junkie, Beam Up, Potent Whisper and many others. 2015 is going to be a very productive year for sure!

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