We Love Jungle presents: An interview with DJ Rap

We Love Jungle presents: An interview with DJ Rap

What does Jungle mean to you?

It is literally how I came about. It influenced me musically, took me around the world many times and saved me often, even though I cheat with other genres of music. I always try to push the envelope to include that in my productions.

Has your approach to DJing changed since you first started out?

No I am still a perfectionist, and no computers for me. I will always look at this as an art form that is to be respected.

Do you think there are difficulties in being a female artist in a male dominated music industry?

Just look at the top 100, there is your answer. I have sold 3 million records, produce like a motherfucker, own and run two labels and I’m in the charts often with my records. Yet, somehow, that is not enough to get me in the popularity contest – so I have learned to ignore them as they ignore me. I hear from other talented females all the time about the same issue and it’s sad but not important enough, to be honest with you, to take any of my time. We have to learn to validate ourselves through our craft and body of work. Time and that, is the true test. I’m still here, that is all that matters.

What up-and-coming DJs and Producers are impressing you?

I teach, so to be honest my students impress and inspire me on a daily basis, there is nothing more rewarding. My artists on my label, all the remixers are awesome….. OYS LPSOUND, ED (he is awesome), Killin Time, Outsource, Eat Rave’s Future Jungle /aka Deadman is also killing it out there.

Do you think it’s necessary to have a separate category for female artists or should it be mixed gender?

I think gender should have no role in how you produce and DJ.

What’s your top Jungle tune to play out at the moment?

I will be honest, I like to play what I like to produce as well as my fellow producers…and ‘Slam’, ‘Search Your Soul’ (Out now) and ‘Basskik’ (unreleased) are having a huge response on the dancefloor. I’m still a huge Ram, Virus fan and there are so many amazing producers/labels out there, too many to mention, but I play them all loud.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Pandora Beatles channel.

If DJing wasn’t your job, what would it be?

I am teaching as well as a DJ/producer/Actor but I always wanted to work with dolphins and be an FBI profile serial killer hunt-them-down type. Is there still time?

What tips would you give to female artists starting out?

Learn to produce!

Any new projects coming up?

Always releases on Propa Talent, ‘Search Your Soul’ was just released and that has been a big one for us…Touring later in the year, six movies coming out, and I am hitting the studio hard. I’m loving my new drum and bass sound, it never gets old.

For more information on DJ Rap check out her website, here or check out her soundcloud.

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