An Interview with Deep In The Jungle Records

An Interview with Deep In The Jungle Records

What made you start Deep In The Jungle Records?

There was so much good Jungle music out there that wasn’t getting the right exposure.

How hard is to run a successful label?

It’s easier now than it used to be.
In the days of vinyl it took so long to get releases together and the money that you had to put in made it hard to plan a full release schedule .
I think it’s easier these days for smaller labels and artists to get themselves out there and release music.

What are your main influences and how would you describe the Deep In The Jungle sound?

The main influence is the Ragga Jungle sound from the 90’s.
The sound we go for is like revival Jungle; so the old school Ragga sound but with modern production techniques to push the boundaries and mash things up a bit.

Where do you see Deep In The Jungle heading?

Hopefully it just carries on to grow.
We have only been established for just over two years but the response we get from the releases is great.

Why do you think the Jungle scene has exploded globally?

I think some people got bored of the Jungle sound after the boom in the 90’s and moved on to D&B or other music.
It seems to have come back around now and I’m hearing lots of Jungle influences in other sub genres of D&B, House and even in Pop music.

Do you think Jungle is still going strong?

Yeah I’d say at the moment it’s going strong.
So many new producers are coming through so it should hopefully keep going strong into the future.

Which other labels and artists do you take inspiration from?

There’s so many it’s hard to say, but artists such as Remarc, Shy FX, Ray Keith, Bladerunner, DJ Monk, Aphrodite & Micky Finn.
I take inspiration from labels such as Philly Blunt, V Recordings, Dread Records, Formation Records, Moving Shadow, KLP Records & Suburban Base.

Please tell us about new releases on Deep In The Jungle that you are excited about?

We have a release coming up from a guy called Supa Ape from Manchester which I think will make a big impact.
We also have an EP from a producer called Sound Shifter which I’m really excited about.
We also have other releases coming from Kartoon, Crisis & Ikon-B, X Nation, DJ Hybrid and Dialect & Kosine.
We also have a remix competition on the go at the moment where you have to remix DJ Hybrid’s track ‘Puffin Erbz’.
The winner will have their remix featured on a remix EP featuring other remixes from DJ Westy, Narcs, Hungry T, Sound Shifter & Kartoon.
Find out more about Deep In The Jungle on Facebook and Twitter.

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