Missrepresent Reviews the Drum and Bass Arena Awards 2016

Missrepresent Reviews the Drum and Bass Arena Awards 2016

Missrepresent, the winner of the Best Female Jungle DJ in our 2015 awards, gave us her unique insight into the 2016 Drum&BassArena Awards. Check it out!

I’ve had the pleasure of attending many jungle and DnB award ceremonies. They are all fairly relaxed.


For me, it’s a fun time to meet up with people that I’ve worked with over the last 16 years. One thing we all have in common is the sheer love of the music.


Some of us are more emotionally attached and for others, it’s simply a job. Some people understand the business and others are better at articulating it into words for people to read online.


Initially I bumped into James from Bedlam for whom I had a residency in Swindon, he had gone on to manage Dimension and we had a lovely catch up. There were graphic designers, web techs and the rest who make music and who choose to express themselves through that medium loud and clear.


All of it is a vibration and as we arrived at Brixton Electric for the 8th annual Drum&BassArena Awards around 8pm, linking with J Swif from DNBHQ and there was a queue with a lot of buzz and good vibes.


The guest list queue was longer than the normal queue, but people were certainly all in good spirits! After a good catch up with Papa G and Dizzy – our Kool London crew, myself and one of the guy’s I’m doing some collabs with (Ollie) did the usual bar visit. Jenna G with Charlie Tee came out on stage hosting the awards.


In front of us were 10 to 15 industry tables. Ram, Hospital and so on. John B’s hair was popping out iconically under the blue and yellow lights. Andy C arrived and hoards of people attempted selfies. Friction was bobbing around, being very gracious to fans, very joyful and having a chat. I could go on about names but you get the general vibe.


The awards began and we all focused. My highlight was an interval with the Ragga Twins performing a live PA of ‘Killa Sound’ by Billy Bunter and Hattrixx where I proceeded to have a good dance up on the balcony. It was a lovely break up. I love the Twins and have had the pleasure of working, producing and travelling the world with them, they are truly legends.


Best Video – Noisia – Mantra

Best Vocalist – DRS

Best Newcomer – Signal

Best Newcomer Label – MethLab

Best Club Night – FABRICLIVE

Best Festival – Let It Roll

Critics’ Choice – Break

Best Label – Hospital Records

Best Remix – Children of Zeus feat. DRS – Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)

Best Track – Mefjus – Suicide Bassline VIP

Best Album – Noisia – Outer Edges

Hall Of Fame – Randall

Best MC – DRS

Best Producer – Noisia

Best DJ – Andy C


The award highlight for me was the critics choice award. I recommend every award ceremony to do something along these lines. It basically composed of 50 of us being asked who should win. 50 bloggers, writers and music heads working in DnB. It means that there is one award that’s not been given a public vote.


I voted for Break based on the recent interview I did with him which you will find on my soundcloud and due to his lack of social media and online fanbase, I wanted him to get some recognition. I’m sick and tired of ,”I’ll give you a free tune on 150 facebook likes” or social marketing. Sponsored posts are doing my nut in!


I think I dislike the fact that the more money you have, the bigger the marketing budget the more music gets pushed and I honestly hate seeing peoples fan base go up in numbers from social face book targeting or underlying paid advertising.


Break doesn’t have that and I think it’s fantastic. His music does the talking. There is a lot to be said for talent like his and Calibre’s who can still cut through without social media. We all agree on that.


So Break won. Was I happy? Yes very!


Fabric got a standing ovation. I think we all know the power of unity there and fighting for what’s right.


Andy C’s acceptance speech was a lovely warm genuine acceptance with a nice plug for his new weekly night coming up. He also told us it’s going back underground and said how healthy the scene is right now. He is and always will be a great ambassador for our scene.


We then had Teddy Killerz on Twitter wondering who Guv is for his nomination, and yes, I love a bit of drama but honestly I think it’s healthy to be curious. Unfortunately a social media war broke out.

I’d like to remind people that although Teddy Killerz write well written English, I think on this occasion it was misinterpreted. They are Russian and Ukrainian, and from my very diplomatic opinion, I do think the way things are written can be miscommunicated. The Russian language to me can come across quite abrupt and if you are a bit sensitive, it’s easy to take it the wrong way. Trust me I know all about being sensitive!


It reminds me of a large family wedding. You’re sitting at a table and wonder who that 3rd cousin is over at the other side of the room, or people sat at opposite ends because there’s a family feud. At the end of the day though, we are all family in my eyes and with all the bitching or arguing, people still get on and work together professionally. It’s the most forgiving scene, and most people are quite understanding of mistakes and moving on.


Signal who won best newcomer tweeted “It’s been 40 minutes since I won the award and still no hot girls in my DMs this is useless.” Not only have we got a class act producer but someone who is ready for the banter.


On that note, I certainly would like to see the jump up side be represented a little more within DnBA next year. I felt that there still needs to be a little more love between different sub genres and a little less snobbery. I’m not saying that the awards gave off any snobbish vibes. If that side of the scene has a larger tech, neurofunk, jungle or liquid following than it really is what it is. I just want to say that if people are dancing and having a good time, and we clearly can accommodate for every sub genre with the scene healthy worldwide, can’t we all be happy for each other? The only snobbery I ever witness comes from the neurofunk teams moaning about the state of jump up production. Fact is, a lot of the kids have to start somewhere. It’s accessible, easy and fun. There were some good loud cheers from the balcony upstairs when Macky Gee’s tracks were announced and of course Noisia were cheered for being undoubtedly skilled magicians with audio.


Randall was rightly put into the hall of fame alongside Kemistry, Dillinja, Friction, Andy C, Stevie Hyper D, Goldie, Hype, Grooverider, Fabio, Diane Charlemagne and Mampi, and played some wicked jungle tracks for the opening set of the after party. Again I was caught singing along to Badmarsh and Shri – Signs.


Overall, a good night. The sound system was up to standard and I’m fussy about sound systems – but it worked well for the PA’s. I do think as there was quite a lot of hard acoustic issues in the room, high ceilings, and although it was busy it was still plenty loud! There was a beautiful Allan and Heath mixing desk accompanied by an array of sound recording and lighting equipment, it stank of professionalism and for the geeks who love sound engineering and high end quality output, you certainly didn’t have much to moan about.

Maybe a few more Christmas decorations next year for me, and a massive shout out to Cherrelle who should win best door lady ever, she really had a great sense of humor that made my night!


Holding the fort on Mi-Soul last night while the awards was on was Jumping Jack Frost with DJ Storm, Craggz and Flight doing a Tribute show to Mark from Hidden Agenda. It’s worth noting that Mark was acknowledged kindly too within the ceremonies.

Will I attend again? Yes, of course if asked, and it was lovely to talk to ravers, DJs, film producers (Stevie Hyper D’s movie is in the making) and most of all, celebrate 2016 for the truly magnificent year it’s been for everyone involved.

Thank you Drum and Bass Arena for a lovely memory of 2016. A well organised event and next year, possibly more tables and it would be great to see more industry leaders hand out awards – for instance maybe to see Bad Company get involved. They have had a massive part to play in shaping our scene and it would be great to see them there. They haven’t yet won an award for anything but being involved would be incredible.

Congratulations to every nominee, massive props and respect out to the winners and to everyone who continues to work in our industry.

Voting for the We Love Jungle Awards is open right now. This is an opportunity to give recognition to those you feel are the most deserving in our scene. We Love Jungle was started because there was so much happening in the world of jungle that a platform was needed. Get your nominations in HERE.



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  1. James says:

    A very insightful review on the event and your overall reasoning for the nominees you voted for. I also agree strongly with your comments on the awards opening their arms to something different, although we have heard many jump up style tracks over the years this is currently a new wave of sharper sounding clear cut 3 deck mix style bangers! I remember the grime scene doing a similar thing with garage. All of a sudden these basic beats with catchy hooklines and generic sounding samples were everywhere. And grime is pretty “Hench” nowadays because of bedroom producers and MC’s all trying their hands at music!! Because its so affordable and accessible. Years ago being involved with music was litteraly a dream! But with this said, the DnB scene always has open arms to new players and we are now seeing an evolution in sound, we are hearing art from people with something to say. So DNBA should take note. Regardless of sub genre personally I dont even use the term. I just love the Jungle 😉 big ups!

    Regards, James aka -EMOTION1- Birmingham based DJ and producer.