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LTJ Bukem + Ant Tc1 & Visionobi, Transit Mafia

LTJ Bukem + Ant Tc1 & Visionobi, Transit Mafia

  • Location:London
  • Venue:Village Underground
  • Length:10:00 pm

LTJ Bukem DJ + Dynamite MC
Ant TC1 & Visionobi (History of Metalheadz)

“Making history since the start of the 1990’s” – FACT

Tickets selling fast here! – bit.ly/2psdeej

Soundcrash presents an exclusive night with the master of Drum & Bass, delivering timeless back to back smashers alongside the illustrious Dynamite MC.

Few drum & bass DJs have attained the cult status LTJ Bukem has reached. His productions have proved to be truly timeless and it’s a testament to his tireless workrate and talent that he’s remained relevant whilst staying true to his dedication to real music. With an unparalleled selection packed full of exclusives, his sets are a joy for heads and newcomers alike.

Emerging out of the late 80’s as a DJ, LTJ Bukem discovered his passion for drum and bass when exploring the realms of jazz fusion. So it’s natural that when Bukem’s career as a DJ progressed in the early 90‘s and he found himself delving in to the studio, it was these frantic breakbeats in tandem with the melodic, yet almost awry basslines of jazz instrumentation that informed Bukem’s creations, developing a progressive and textured sound equal parts anthemic and tranquil.

Metalheadz needs no introduction…. Simply the most influential label in the drum and bass movement.

We’ve got Ant TC1 and Visionobi on the case to construct a ‘History of Metalheadz’ set, which rolls through some finest and rarest tracks of the label.

Dynamite MC started his career on pirate radio station, Crush FM in the early ‘90s. A key members of Roni Size’s Reprazent crew, Dynamite shared vocal duties with singer, Onallee on their debut album New Forms, winning the Mercury Music Prize in 1997.