Here it is, the list of nominees for ‘Best Jungle DJ’ of 2016. Vote for your favourites, HERE.



A hugely prolific DJ and producer who has been making waves for many years. Aries’ sound combines vintage Jungle sensibilities with traditional Reggae music polished off with modern day production techniques. The finished product is his own Dubwise strain of the UK’s one true homegrown genre, Jungle.

Aries’ projects vary from his solo exports to collaborations with other producers from Gold Dubs and Kelvin 373 to the Chopstick Dubplate crew, which is the world’s first international Reggae Jungle sound crew which is fronted by himself, Jacky Murda and Tuffist.



Certified jungle veteran with many years of service under his belt. Brockie has been in the scene since 1988, representing jungle since day one. In 1991 he teamed up with friends to establish the infamous Kool FM 94.5 – the best and longest standing drum & bass radio station in the world to date.

In 1997 Brockie set up his Undiluted Recordings label with Ed Solo. The label has grown from strength to strength with each and every new release.

                                                                 CONGO NATTY

best-jungle-dj-congo-nattyInstrumental in the birth of jungle music, Congo Natty (an alias of Rebel MC) has been releasing spiritually inspired music to the masses since the early 90s.

“Jungle was a revolution. Jungle was the first time we’d got our own music, our own way of talking, our own way of dressing. Everything. And it’s from this fusion of British, African, Indian, Jamaican, Chinese – this melting pot. And that’s Jungle music.”





Winner of the ‘Best Breakthrough Jungle DJ’ in 2015, Hybrid has now stepped up as a nominee for ‘Best Jungle DJ’. Hybrid’s tunes have had support from artists like Roni Size, Ray Keith, Serial Killaz and many more. A busy production schedule will see many more releases in 2017.


                                                                    KENNY KEN


Kenny Ken has been top of his game for over 2 decades with his trademark Mix ‘n’ Blen style mixing and record label. During the mid- to late 1990s, Kenny Ken became one of the U.K.’s prominent DJs. During this time he earned respect throughout the scene and gained popularity for his diverse and entertaining DJ sets. He started DJing in 1989 during the acid house movement, inspired by the early warehouse parties. He rose to prominence with his first big track, “Everyman”, and winning the inaugural Jungle Sound Clash in 1994.







DJ/Producer Marcus Visionary has been in the game for over two decades representing Jungle Dnb as well as a variety of british bass culture music. Marcus prides himself on clean mixing and is well known for his musical versatily and keen ability to read any crowd. In his hometown Toronto, Marcus has been running the Prophecy on 89.5 FM for 20 Years.


best-jungle-dj-award-nicky-blackmarketWinner of the 2015 ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, Nicky Blackmarket is a truly unique DJ. One of the pivotal figures in the early Jungle/Drum ‘n’ Bass scene, he has been playing all over the world for the past two decades.

Nicky started DJing in the 1980s when he was 14 and initially played electro before moving on to play all different types of dance music in house parties and on various pirate radio stations.

Check out our interview with him here.


best-jungle-dj-award-randallAlthough Randall has been releasing records since 1994, he’s primarily a DJ rather than a producer. An acid house convert since 1987’s Notting Hill Carnival, he became a regular fixture on pirate station Centreforce and developed close links to Goldie, Andy C and the rest of the D’n’B establishment. Mixtapes – such as the Renegade Selector and Jungle Renegades series – became Randall’s calling cards, and he still releases music on his Stepback Sessions and Mac II labels to this day.



UK based jungle producer and DJ, Remarc is widely proclaimed to be “king of the Amen” and “ a pioneer of ragga jungle” due to his chopped up tracks for legendary labels such as Dollar, White House, Kemet, Labello Blanco and Suburban Base. The majority of these tunes were compiled alongside previously unreleased dubplates for a two volume retrospective released by Planet Mu. The re-releases of these classics soon moved as many units if not more than a successful D’n’B release proving that Remarc and the Jungle sound is still an unstoppable force in the game.



Uncle Dugs presents the only legal daytime Oldskool / Jungle radio show in the whole world known as #RCFF (Run Come Follow Friday) every single Friday 11:00-14:00 GMT on London’s Rinse 106.8 FM / www.rinse.fm. He has also recently published his autobiography, ‘Rave Diaries and Towerblock Tales’, to wide acclaim. Uncle Dugs is widely regarded as one of the international champions of jungle music.


Don’t forget the legendary award party takes place at THE MINT WAREHOUSE, LEEDS on FEB 4th. More info inc tickets here.


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